Date night at home

Nathan is spending the night with Paul’s parents tonight. We just got a phone call from him because he wanted to tell us good night. One of the first things he asked me was if baby brother was in bed, too. It was so sweet that he was thinking about his brother!

My heart holds so much love for my kids that sometimes I feel like it will just explode.

Since John is still too little to spend the night away from us, Paul and I are spending the evening together at home tonight. The baby has been put to bed and is sleeping soundly, so we’re just going to hang out together and enjoy the time we have. Nathan will be home tomorrow with big hugs for both of us.

And as was sitting here writing this, someone knocked at our door. Much to my surprise, my sweetie ordered us pizza while I was getting the baby into bed. I love surprises! And I love eating pizza with my amazing husband! TIme to gorge…


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