Three months old

John is developing in leaps and bounds. He’s three months old and hitting all his milestones. He’s smiling, laughing, tracking people and objects, cooing in response to people talking to him- it sounds like he’s having a conversation! He’s drooling like a maniac and let’s not forget all the spitting up. He’s just started reaching for things and feeling them with his fingers. He’s also getting to where when he tries to hold onto his paci, he wraps his fingers around it and invariably yanks it out and then cries. He’s on the cusp of being able to roll from his back to his belly… he can get to his side as of now. He can sit up with assistance, like in a Bumbo seat or if one of us is holding his hands.

His sweet personality is starting to really show, too. He’s laid back and chill. He doesn’t cry an awful lot, but when he does, I can almost always figure out why. Sometimes, like every other baby, he’s just grumpy and will fuss for no apparent reason. He’s a little social butterfly; he’s happiest when he’s around others and not by himself. He’s also a good sleeper and will (usually) sleep almost all the way through the night. I know this is always subject to change, however! He loves, loves, loves the little routine we have. As soon as I carry him into our room from the nursery after I change his diaper and dress him in pajamas, he almost shrieks with excitement. We curl up together as he eats and then I put him to bed. He usually naps two or three times a day, but that all depends on Nathan and his volume control..

Gosh, I love them so much. It’s hard to believe three months has already passed. Time flies! My children are such blessings, and John is the perfect addition to our little family.


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