School days

Nathan’s doing awesome in preschool! He has an amazing, I mean ah-may-zing teacher who understands him & works well with him. He loves the classroom, plays really hard, & so far seems to be adapting well to the routine & the structure quite well. At least in the mornings. He gets overstimulated on the playground and then had a major meltdown today in the classroom when it was time to go home. When the teacher came to get him to walk him outside, he didn’t want to get off the tricycle.

Let me be clear; it wasn’t a tantrum. Tantrums are meant to manipulate an adult in order for the child to get what he wants. A meltdown is a loss of control, and much more violent. Nathan can’t communicate that well. He can talk just fine, but he can’t express himself very well, so that’s why he has meltdowns; he loses control when he can’t tell us how he’s feeling.

I had forwarned his teacher about them, so at least she wasnt caught off guard. Besides, the teachers there are all highly skilled and know how to work around these types of issues. Thankfully, they were able to handle his meltdown today. It took three grown adults to get him safely off the trike, but no one got hurt. Sweet Nathan. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to have all these feelings and emotions and no way to convey them other than a loss of control.

They’ll be working with him on this, so I’m thankful that he’s in good hands. Other than this one incident, he’s doing great and making new friends . I can’t wait to see him have even more fun!


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