I love our pediatrician

We have such an awesome pediatrician. I took Nathan to his doctor this evening because the cough he had from this last cold was progressively getting worse. So I called them around 4:30 this evening and they made me an appointment for shortly after 5. Since we only live like 5 minutes away, we got there a few minutes early and were even seen before our appointment time. Nathan is just fine. It’s a cold he & John are passing back & forth, and the hacking cough is just his lungs clearing. No fever, so the doctor said he’s still able to go to school.

The reason I’m so happy about our visit is because Nathan’s last pediatrician was a lot different. They could never get Nathan in that day- no matter how early I would call them, they wouldn’t get him in til the next day. And then we’d have to wait a while, and then there was this one doctor we always ended up seeing who seemed rather burned out. It was irritating because there were times he was so sick that he *needed* to be seen that day, and to be seen by someone who didn’t rush through everything. Plus I feel better knowing it’s nothing serious. Just a case of the preschool germies!


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