Well, my poor John is sick with a nasty cold. Poor kid just hasn’t been able to catch a break for the past week. He started teething full force at the beginning of last week, then he caught a little cold as did Nathan. They were both feeling much better by Sunday, so we took them to church for their baptisms. But then Sunday night, John got sick again. He had a fever and was hacking, coughing, sneezing, sputtering, and flopping around because he couldn’t breathe out of his stuffy nose. So neither of us has slept well since then. I even started putting John in his swing to sleep because I was hoping with him being in a more upright position, he’d be able to breathe better. So far I think it’s made a little bit of a difference.

I hate when my kids get sick. I can’t help but worry about them. Plus, it doesn’t help when they pass their colds on to me- yep, John gave me his cold. But that’s ok because the poor little man is much sicker than I am right now, probably because his immune system is still very immature. We’ll be better in a few days and I can’t wait!


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