Big brother’s tall tales

It has begun.

Nathan tried to get John in trouble.

See, our toilet seat falls back down whenever Nathan tries to raise it so he can pee. Because of that, he’s just started leaving it down. Unfortunately, he will sometimes get pee on the toilet seat.

I went there to use the restroom, and when I stood up, I realized I had sat in pee. After getting myself and the toilet seat cleaned up, I told Nathan he needs to pay more attention when he pees to make sure all his pee goes in the toilet and not on the seat.

“Nathan didn’t pee on the seat,” he told me.

“Oh really?” I said.

“No, it wasn’t Nathan, it was baby brother.”


“Baby brother went into the bathroom, took off his diaper, and peed all over the potty and everywhere,” Nathan said with a straight face.

Who knew my seven-week-old baby was so precocious?


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