Nathan and his attitude

Today’s been rough. I think Nathan’s picking up on my mood and energy (or lack thereof haha), and with the moving and a new baby brother, he’s been acting crazy. My normally sweet little boy has been blatently defying me and back-talking like you wouldn’t believe, and it’s been gettng progressively worse each day. He’s being really sweet to his brother, but he’s acting like a complete jerk to Paul and me.

I think I need to start something new and exciting for the afternoons (when his attitude is the worst). Maybe some pool time on the porch for a couple of hours every day will help move him out of this phase. Although now that I think about it, I’m not sure how to make time for that with everything else that has to be done. Maybe that’s another thing getting to Nathan- he’s not getting as much of my time and attention.

I am really looking forward to things settling down and getting back into a routine!


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