Something awesome!

Soooooo, remember yesterday how I alluded to something *big* going on today & that I couldn’t go into labor until after 12pm Eastern Time?? Welllllll, we are moving!! Got a house! Had to wait for everything to go through before I could go into labor, and I didn’t want to “jinx” it by talking about it a lot before it was all said & done.

See, the house we’re living in now is so cute; it was built by Paul’s great-great grandparents and it’s really quaint. However, it’s *tiny* and has no storage space. There are only two small closets and that’s all. It also has the tiniest yard ever, and we don’t let Nathan really play in it because our house is dangerously close to a very busy road, nestled in between two blind curves. The backyard is itty bitty and muddy/moldy due to all the trees that don’t allow enough sunlight through for grass. It’s great for one or two adults to live in, but once kids are added to the mix, things get a little stressful with the lack of space and the dangerous road. So yeah we’ve outgrown the house we live in now and have been dreaming of somewhere that’s safer for kids.

And it’s not just *any* house we’re moving into. Get this- THIS new house is the house Paul grew up in!! Paul’s parents lived there for many years and put so much love and effort into it. To make a long story short, a few years ago his parents moved and sold the house to a married couple who were friends of ours. That couple ended up getting divorced and the house forclosed. Ever since then, it’s been in Housing Limbo.

Then, not too long ago, the house finally went back on the market. How lucky we are that no one else bought it! It’s amazingly sound and solid, and we know pretty much everything there is to know about it. It’s awesome! It’s on a side street with hardly any traffic, multiple (like 7 or so) closets, tons of storage space and shelving, in a good school system, and a HUGE fenced-in back yard. And it’s much more spacious than our current little house. Well, it’s not “big” by today’s standards, but to us, it’s massive ha ha.

It’s going to be a wonderful place to raise our little family, and we couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity! It’s simply amazing how all the pieces just fell together and how everything worked out. It so easily could have fallen into someone else’s hands!


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