So of course Nathan is sick… right around the time I’m due to have this baby. So, that’s not stressful or anything. So now, I’m hoping this baby does *not* make his appearance until Nathan’s better. And juat this evening, I’ve started coming down with it. Sore throat, sneezing, runny nose & congestion. I was just fine earlier and *wham!* started getting sick.

It only seems to be a head cold, but as we all know, something as small as a head cold is fine for adults & older children, but can have dire consequences for newborns. Since their immune systems are immature, a little cold can quickly progress into croup or pneumonia.

I hope Nathan feels better soon. I hate when my baby doesn’t feel well. And please pray that my symptoms miraculously go away because if I go into labor, I really don’t want the added stress of worrying about my newborn getting sick! I’ve been spraying my nose with nasal saline & gargling with salt water… hoping it helps!


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