Well, it’s definitely not allergies. Now Paul’s sick too. We are one miserable lot, I tell ya. And it really sucks that Paul and I came down with it on Mother’s Day, of all days. So prayers that we all get well soon would be much appreciated! I hate being sick, especially when my entire little family is sick!

In other news, I thought of something funny to share. Whenever I go to the gym, I bring my gym bag with clean clothes, shower supplies, a towel, etc. Last week as I was walking in, I was stopped by another lady who opined that she didn’t like me carrying such a heavy bag since I’m so pregnant. I stopped and offered for her to carry my bag for me, but ironically, she quickly changed the subject. She never did carry my bag for me. Which is fine- I’m a big girl and can carry my own stuff. However, why would someone complain about it if they aren’t going to help? It makes no sense.

People say the most absurd things to pregnant women sometimes! Sometimes all you can do is laugh…


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