Getting closer!

I am now seven months pregnant! That means I’m nearly there- only about two more months or so to go!! I’m really feeling pregnant. This little guy has developed an affinity for sticking his feet into my ribs, and sometimes it hurts! Nathan never really did that. This kiddo moves around A LOT. It’s crazy to watch my belly move when he moves. It’s no longer little kicks & punches, but whole body movements. It’s such an awesome feeling!

I’m still taking great care of myself, eating healthy (for the most part ha ha) and working out 3-4x a week. I do let myself splurge on deliciousness sometimes. That’s why I work out, so I can! I tell you what, exercising has made a huge difference compared to my last pregnancy when I didn’t work out at all. I had zero exercise. I was absolutely miserable; I definitely paid the price for not taking care of myself. I gained a ton of weight. I was miserable. This time around, I have gained the perfect amount and am right on track. I’m definitely feeling the aches and pains of being pregnant like severe heartburn, backpain, aching hips, fatigue, trouble sleeping, etc., but it’s all MUCH more manageable than it was last time around. For that, I am thankful!

One of my biggest irritations right now isn’t really physical, but the comments people make. Seriously, I am getting sick and tired of them. It’s like, once you’re pregnant, it seems like you become public property. People apparently forget there is a real human being with real feelings attached to this growing belly. And it doesn’t help that your pregnancy hormones put your emotions on a pendulum. Some days, I snap at people. Other days, I can mostly laugh off rude comments. However, it seems my irritability is directly proportional to the size of my belly. I’m tired, I ache, I can’t get comfortable, I have Braxton Hicks often, so my patience is on a VERY short fuse these days. I’m finding it harder and harder to be nice. I’m tired of hearing people opine about my belly’s size, my baby’s gender, and everything in between because it’s not an occasional person- it’s CONSTANT. And it gets OLD really fast to hear the same rude things over and over again. They may *think* they’re being clever and witty, but they’re not. Not when I’ve heard vsrious versions of the same thing multiple times. At some point, I’m going to have to compile a list of the rude comments and my responses to them. Maybe it’ll make some of you laugh. Maybe it will make others filter what they say.

My biggest piece of advice for all you out there who may encounter a pregnant lady… Tell her she looks fabulous. I can almost guarantee you that is one thing she doesn’t hear often. Don’t tell her she looks “tired” or “huge” or “it must be twins.” Unless you want those to be the last words you utter before she stabs you in the neck with a pencil! Just say she’s beautiful and leave it at that.


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