Fun in the sun

Little man says the funniest things sometimes.

Over the weekend, Paul was out running errands. Nathan really misses his daddy when he’s gone, so he repeatedly asked me where Daddy went. I tried to explain that Daddy was running errands, but apparently Nathan misunderstood me. The next time he asked me where Daddy was, I said, “Well, where do you think he is sweetie?” In a hushed voice, Nathan somberly replied, “Daddy’s with the aliens.”

In other news, we took Nathan to a waterpark not too long ago, and it was awesome! Nathan had a total blast! And Paul and I realized we had forgotten to put a swim diaper on Nathan… we still had him in a pull-up. That thing got HUGE! When we finally remembered to put the swim diaper on, the pull-up had completely swelled up. It reminded me of those little foam toys you put into water… it starts out tiny but then you add water and it swells up gloriously. So I took Nathan to the restroom and the pull-up was so swollen that he had to walk bow-legged! When we got to the restroom, I couldn’t get the pull-up off in time and he ended up peeing on my foot.

Nathan does NOT like to wait in lines. We only went down one waterslide as a family, but there was about a twenty minute wait. Not a good idea with a very active three-year-old, let me tell you.

So we spent the majority of the day in the kid-friendly section, and Nathan was in hog heaven. He splashed and climbed and shot water guns. I walked around behind him, enjoying watching my kid having a blast. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to go again next year. I really wanted to ride more of the slides but we just couldn’t do it with Nathan in tow. I did ride one by myself, but much to my chagrin, after I had been in line for about ten minutes, I realized it was one of those group rides. Paul was watching Nathan, so I was solo & surrounded by a bunch of tweens & teenagers.

It was awkward.

And NOT worth the 30 minute wait. Well, at least I’ll know for next time!

At anyrate, spending the day with my little family was awesome. I sure do love doing such fun stuff with my child. There is nothing like seeing a huge grin on his face as he has a blast- and especially when he talks about how much fun he had for days afterward!!


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