Well, im baaaaaack!

Ok, so I’ve really been sucking the past few weeks when it comes to updating my blog. I’ve let the little things get in the way and before I knew it, days turned into weeks in between my posts. I have so much to write about. Its been a whirlwind of activity and I need to do some catching up!

So a little update: My business is doing well, Nathan’s been going to physical therapy (without the rude student we encountered the first time), and I went on a trip to Michigan to visit my family! Our washing machine randomly bit the dust, so we had to get a new one, Nathan is talking more and more and is as precious as he can be (when he’s not being all stubborn and strong-willed, that is), and I am in the process of finding a new gym to attend. I promise I’ll catch y’all up on everything that’s been going on- I just wanted to put a quick post in to let everyone know we are doing a-ok here. Very busy, but things couldnt be going any better.

In other news, Nathan says the cutest things. When I returned home from my Michigan trip, Nathan told me I looked cute and that he was proud of me (for what, I’m not exactly sure). Then he enveloped me in a huge bear-hug, patted my back, and asked me if I had fun swimming with the fish in Lake Michigan. (I was gone for 5 days and periodically sent Nathan videos of me telling him I love him and when I would be home. One of those videos was of me at a beach on Lake Michigan while I was with my cousins. Paul told me that was Nathan’s favorite video and that he watched it so many times that he had it memorized!)

Something else? Paul said that while I was gone, Nathan kept asking where I went, and Paul would tell him I went to Michigan. Then one day, Nathan put his sandals on and said he was going to Michigan to see me. What can I say? That kid has goals.

I can’t believe little man is already nearly three-and-a-half. I really love this age- all the personality, the sweetness, the amazing ball of fun that he is. We’re so blessed to have him for a son.


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