The things kids come up with!

So the other day, I was listening to Nathan say the Lord’s prayer while playing in his room. It was hard not to laugh when he said, “… and give us this day our daily bread… and our breakfast… and our juice…” Oh the things kids say!

Another part that makes me laugh while he says the Lord’s prayer is “and lead us not into tation (temptation), but deliver us from Weebles…”

Yes, Weebles. Because instead of a zombie¬†apocalypse, there will be a Weeble¬†apocalypse, don’t ya know. Because those Weebles are crazy like that…

I really like how Nathan is starting to talk more and more. And the things he says! He’s hilarious! But my favorite thing he says ever is the sweet “I love you soooo much, Mommy!” as he engulfs me in a big bear-hug. Those big ole hugs totally make up for the difficult times, that’s for sure.


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