A chip needs its water

Last night, we ordered Mexican takeout from a local Mexican restaurant. Along with chips and salsa, we also ordered some spicy Chorizo dip. We had it all sitting out on the table as we delightfully gorged ourselves. Nathan munched happily on some tortilla chips. Then, out of the blue, he dunked on of his chips into the Chorizo dip.

“Nathan, that’s really spicy,” I warned him. Without any hesitation whatsoever, he immediately flung the dip laden chip into my unsuspecting glass of water. I guess he thought the chip needed to cool down. I, on the other hand, was less than thrilled. I know he wasn’t being malicious or even trying to be funny- he sincerely looked worried as he flung his chip into to my drink- but still. It was so gross to watch the chip float listlessly in my glass, chunks of dip breaking off and floating around like dead little sea creatures.

I didn’t tell you guys about my “present” either. Nathan came up to me one day, all happy and bright-eyed.

“Mommy! I have a pwesent for you! Hold out the hand!” He exclaimed. So of course, I held out my hand to receive his gift. He then proceeds to wipe a booger into my outstretched palm.

It was a bittersweet moment.

So I guess you guys are wondering where I’ve been lately. You’ll never guess… I’VE STARTED MY OWN BUSINESS! Yes, totally! I won’t say exactly what it is just yet because I worry that if I talk too much about it, I might jinx it (I know that sounds silly). So far, though, it’s going great and I absolutely love it! Its been very time-consuming, but I am learning quickly. And now I’m going to start posting more often than I have been. Thank you, everyone, for being so patient and definitely please send some prayers my way because I really want to be successful, be the best I can be, and take this opportunity as far as I can!


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