Potty training. Still.

You know how you can smell a dirty diaper? There is no mistaking it. When I asked Nathan if he pooped, he sniffed the air three times then said, “No. No poop.” Apparently, he doesn’t realize that MY nose still works.

Potty training is going so slowly. There is progress- he tells me when he needs to go to the potty and I take him. He has good bladder control now. For example, visited a theme park a couple weeks ago. After we were there a few hours, I checked his diaper and it was dry! So I took him to the potty where he promptly emptied his bladder. He still has yet to go #2 in the potty though. And getting him to pee on the potty can sometimes be frustrating when we’re at home. Especially when he tells me (always when I’m busy) he has to pee and I stop whatever it is I’m doing to take him, and then he won’t go. When we’re out and about, however, he will generally try to hold it.


I’m contemplating putting him in regular underwear rather than diapers. I know I’ll have a few messes to clean up, but maybe that will help him understand that he needs to pee/poop in the potty and not his diaper.

He can’t be in diapers forever, right?


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