Oh the things they eat.

Nathan was walking around the house with something in his mouth.

“Trees! Mmmm good trees!” he said as he chomped on it. Trees are what he calls broccoli.

“What’s in your mouth, Nathan?” I asked. “Come here and give it to Mommy, please.” He hopped right on over to me, opened his mouth, and spit out what resembled a broccoli stem into my waiting palm. “Where’d you get this?” I asked. He just smiled and bounced out of the room.

A few minutes later, I walked into the kitchen and noticed some water had been spilled out of the vase holding my Valentine’s Day flowers Paul got me. I picked one of the flowers up out of the vase and noticed the stem had been chewed off.

Nathan had gnawed off part of the stem on one of my roses. And he then put it back into the vase, apparently thinking I would never notice.


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