More and more like a big kid

Nathan is such a big boy. He’s big enough to get out of bed multiple times a night, sneak around his room, and quietly play with his toys. He’s big enough to try to scramble back into bed when he hears Paul or I coming. He’s big enough to apologize for his actions and promise to stay in bed for the rest of the night. He’s big enough to retract his promise and sneak out of bed again. So, he’s big enough to go without his beloved Blue’s Clues and Wonder Pets for the day.

That’s right, Nathan is grounded from┬áTV┬átoday for not minding.

He totally gets it, too. After breakfast, we normally let him watch an episode of Blue’s Clues, but not today. He asked for Blue, but I reminded him that he doesn’t get to watch any of his shows today due to continuously getting out of bed last night. “Okay, Mommy,” he said quietly without resisting. He knows what he did. He knows he’s supposed to stay in bed at night. And he understands that he now has to deal with the consequences. I know he doesn’t like it, but at least he’s accepting it.

In other news, Nathan and I still have that cough. Mine is getting a little better, but Nathan’s is still junky-sounding and deep. But on the bright side, I successfully taught him to cover his mouth with his elbow when he coughs. And he does! He’s pretty good at remembering to do it, even when he’s in the process of running or playing with his toys.

He’s losing his baby-ness and is becoming more and more like a little boy.

In fact, Paul’s mom told me about the last time Nathan was over at their house, he picked his nose, opened up a drawer, and promptly flung his booger into it. Can you believe that? That’s not something babies do, that’s for sure.

I have so many more similar antics to look forward to, don’t I?


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