Hands down, the best response ever.

Nathan and I went to the store today. He was very well-behaved for someone who’s not even three yet. And by that I mean there was no screaming, meltdowns, or throwing objects. His inquisitive little fingers only touched a few things and he only yanked himself away from me twice. He can’t get far… he always wears his monkey harness when I take him out in public because of that time he dislocated his elbow twice in one week trying to get away from me.

So anyway, as we were leaving we passed an older gentleman standing beside the door talking to someone. As we walked by him, Nathan looked up at him, waved, and said, “Hi Papaw!” (He calls his great-grandfather Papaw, my dad Papa, and Paul’s dad Grandpa. He has a habit of calling complete strangers who look like our relatives by the name of whom they most resemble.)

Without missing a beat, the man waved back and said, “Well hello there!” When one of the people he was conversing with looked at him quizzically, he replied with a broad grin, “Well I did have a lot of fun in my younger years…”

And hours later, I am still laughing. That is the best response I’ve ever heard.


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