The writing on the wall

Nathan was in his room playing happily. He was singing “Oh Christmas Tree” in Nathanspeak, happily playing with his trains and Hot Wheels. Or so I thought. After only a few minutes of listening to him as he played in his room, I heard an unfamiliar sound.

That’s never good.

It sounded like something being banged on a tin can. ┬áThe only tin can in Nathan’s room is a rectangular one that holds his dry-erase markers. And I keep those high up on top of his dry-erase board. Or so I thought. I walked into Nathan’s room to investigate and this is what I saw.

Nathan's big art debut

And I kinda just stood there for a moment. I could feel my mouth slowly dropping open. Nathan jumped back from the wall, marker still in hand, and giggled. Impishly. He was very proud of what he had done. And when he saw the look on my face, he GUFFAWED. And then with much dismay, I noticed his chair.

The chair doesn’t look like it was on purpose. All the markers were laying in the chair. He had attempted to put the tops back on them, but some of them didn’t fit properly so they fell off. And then the markers bled onto the chair as they sat there.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to get that out.

I was able to get all the marker off the walls using a wet rag (since it was dry-erase markers) and I used Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on what didn’t come up the first time. The walls look fine now. The chair, though, that’s another story. Looks like Nathan will always have something to remember about his big art debut.


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