The aftermath of Halloween

Since Nathan didn’t want to eat his Halloween candy, Paul and I decided to take on the task of consuming it ourselves. You know, so it wouldn’t go to waste and all that. So over the last two days, we snacked¬†gorged on the entire bag. (In our defense, it was a small bag and was only 1/4 full… and I tried to entice Nathan into eating some but hey, if the kid doesn’t want sugar, I’m not gonna complain about it!) We don’t eat a lot of candy, but when we do, we don’t joke around! It was delicious. There was a lot of candy in there that reminded me of the times I went trick-or-treating as a kid. Smarty’s… tootsie rolls… airheads… bubble gum… jawbreakers… M&M’s… all that deliciousness. All those calories.

Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten all that after all…

Then again, it just makes me work out even harder at the gym!

I’ve only gained a pound from my gluttony. That’s not bad at all. I think it’s because muscle burns calories more efficiently than fat, and since I’ve been working out like an animal for a number of months now, I’ve built up a decent amount of muscle. Therefore when I do decide to splurge, I don’t gain 5-10 pounds like I used to before I started being more healthy. So bring on the holidays!


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