Reverse psychology works every time

Nathan sometimes gets into trouble and has to be sent to his room. I’ve worked hard to teach him that when he’s in trouble, he has to stay in his room until it’s time for him to come out. So a couple days ago, I had sent Nathan to his room for not minding me. During that time, I proceeded to prepare our lunches. When it was time to eat, I told Nathan to come on out so we could eat.

He ignored me.

He does that a lot.

“Okay, I see you’re not hungry so I will just have to eat all that delicious food all by myself,” I said. Reverse psychology works. So I backed out of his room and waited in the doorway between the kitchen and living room, listening to his clamoring footsteps.

“Stay in your room!” he hollered to himself the moment his house-shoe clad foot touched the kitchen tiles. I caught a glimpse of light brown hair as he galloped out of his room and through the kitchen, running with such speed that HE WAS ACTUALLY A BLUR.

Sometimes it’s really hard not to laugh.



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