Repetitions will quickly get your attention. Believe me.

The other day, I was busy in the kitchen making Nathan his lunch. I was in a hurry because everything was timed… I was cutting up his fruit and making my sandwich while I had some broccoli steaming on the stove. Nathan kept getting right under my feet, pulling at my shirt, trying to get me to stop and talk to him.

Nathan: “Ma! Mommy! Mom! Mommy! Mama! Ma! Mom! Mom! Mama! Mommy! Mommy! Ma! Ma! Ma! Mom! Mom! Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama! MAMA! MAMA! MOMMY! MOM! MOM!”

Me: “What, Nathan.”

Nathan: “I wove you!” (That’s how Nathan says “love.”)

Yes, my child has gotten into the annoying habit of saying Mommy, Ma, Mama, and Mom over and over again, trying to get my attention.  It reminds me of that Family Guy clip. I don’t particularly care for that show, but the clip is hilarious.


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