Oh Potty Training

Well, potty training is not advancing as quickly as I anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, Nathan loves sitting on his potty. WITH HIS DIAPER ON. The moment I take his diaper off, however, he starts crying and refuses to sit on his potty anymore. I don’t make a big deal out of it, because Nathan is so strong-willed that if I do, he will do the exact opposite of what I desire. So I just act like it’s no big deal. In reality, however, it’s a little frustrating.

I’ve been taking Nathan to his potty for about two months now. He gets really excited about going to the potty, but will only sit on the potty fully-clothed for a few seconds. And the last couple weeks or so, he’s started to act disinterested. He’s simply not ready yet. I am more than ready, but he’s not.

Surely he won’t be in diapers forever. Right??


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