Mimicry at its best

Nathan loves to mimic everything I say and do.

In the mornings, before I get him out of his bed, I use the restroom and brush my teeth. Here lately, I’ve had to cough a few times and clear my throat since I am getting over a cold. And every time I cough and clear my throat, I hear an echo. Only it’s not an echo, it’s Nathan mimicking me. And I also hear an exuberant “MOMMY PEES!” when I use the restroom. Now if only he would take that exuberance and apply it to his own potty training, it would be perfect!

When I’m on the phone, Nathan will walk around the house pretending like he’s on the phone as well.

When I’m cooking, he stands right beside me, slapping his hands on the counter, indulging himself in a make-believe culinary experience.

When I spin around in circles, so does he.

And this morning, Nathan mimicked me in the ultimate way. I passed gas, and it was a little louder than I anticipated it would be (What? Everyone farts!). And then Nathan pursed his lips together and made the loudest raspberry I think I’ve ever heard.

Good thing that didn’t happen in public…


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