And we’re sick. Again.

Well, Nathan and I are both sick today. Nathan started getting sick last Thursday, and of course, he’s passed it on to me. I noticed my throat trying to get sore yesterday, and right now, it’s really sore and driving me crazy. Especially at night, when it gets worse. Nathan’s not been sleeping well- probably because of his sore throat- so that makes things a little harder because not only is he sick, but he’s really tired and whiny!

In other news, he said the cutest thing to me yesterday. I had laid him down in my bed for his nap, and he was wiggling around, fidgeting, and trying to sit up. I realized I had to get up to get something, so I laid him back down, and I told him to lay right there and don’t get up. When I came back, he was beaming from ear-to-ear.

“I mind you! I mind you!” he exclaimed happily.

I leaned over and kissed his sweet forehead. And I couldn’t help but grin at the notion that my child gets excited when he minds me.


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