When the phone rings…

You know how when you have kids, there will eventually come a time when they will pick up your ringing phone and answer it, all without you knowing?

Well, that time has come, my friends.

My husband called me on my cell phone, which was in the kitchen. I didn’t hear it ring, but Nathan sure did. AND HE ANSWERED IT. Paul said he could hear Nathan say hello, then he babbled on about talking on the phone then some more babbling about something Paul couldn’t quite make out before Nathan said “BYE BYE!” and hung up. Paul was so amused by the whole thing, as was I when he told me the story.

The funniest part is that I think Nathan was completely unaware that it was his daddy on the phone. Paul said it seemed like Nathan wasn’t listening, so I am guessing Nathan just held the phone up to his face and looked at it while he talked… I usually hold the phone that way when he talks to someone because I put it on speakerphone for him.

I can’t believe my kid is old enough to answer my phone.

Good thing it wasn’t a business call, huh?



  1. That is just too cute!

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