The Sound of Mischief

Yesterday evening, Nathan was being super sweet. My mom had gotten him a 10-pack of his favorite cars, Hot Wheels, and he had been playing with them all day. Paul and Nathan were watching Blue’s Clues together as Nathan played with his new cars. When Paul looked up, he noticed the show was about to end.

“Nathan, Blue’s Clues is almost over…  will you hand me the remote?” he said.

“Ooh! Ooh ooh ooh!” said Nathan as he jumped up, tightly clasping some of his cars in his hands. Nathan toddled over to the remote and managed to pick it up with both hands already full of Hot Wheels, without dropping it or any of his cars. Holding his cars along with the remote control was an adorable balancing act, and Nathan happily brought the remote back to Paul and dropped it in his lap, all without spilling any of the Hot Wheels out of his tightly clenched fists.

Paul was completely enamored with Nathan’s cuteness. Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by an Uh-Oh Sound. If you’ve ever been around kids, you know what I’m talking about. The sound of MISCHIEF.


Nathan purposefully dropped one of his shiny little Hot Wheels directly into Paul’s cold glass of Sprite.

And then Nathan stood there and laughed. Impishly.


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