Nathan’s day

Nathan and I had an awesome day together yesterday. First, we met Paul for lunch at a pizza place. And let me tell you, when I say that Nathan doesn’t like his daddy to be more than two feet away from him at all times, I’M NOT KIDDING. Every time Paul got up from the table to get more pizza off the buffet, Nathan would howl, “Come back, Daddy! I sorry! Come back! Please?” It’s heartbreaking! In fact, the little guy was so pitiful, a lady sitting at the table behind us commented on how sweet it was that Nathan wanted his daddy right beside him.

“Oh yeah,” I replied. “I’m a stay-at-home mom, so Nathan is with me all the time. My husband works all day, so Nathan thinks Daddy is like a special treat.” Well, and not to mention, all kids go through phases where they want one parent more than the other.

After lunch, Nathan and I headed to a little park in the area for an hour and a half. I wouldn’t have normally stayed so long, but other kids kept showing up and Nathan, being the little social butterfly that he is, was completely enamored with them. It was so precious, he was patting these kids on the back and giving them hugs, following them around the playground… I didn’t have the heart to leave!

When we finally did leave, Nathan was so tired that he didn’t fight me when I put him in the stroller. Well, he DID fight (because he wouldn’t be Nathan if he didn’t) but he was so tired that he didn’t have the strength to buck up against me and fight me off. Little man had a great day.

Funny thing was that the playground itself was out in the sun, so I stood in the shade under a tree. And guess what? I got sunburned. IN THE SHADE. And you know what else? Nathan, who was out in the sun the whole time, barely had a little sunburn on his nose.

Lucky kid. Sometimes it sucks being pale!


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