Splish-splashing around

Nathan loves to go swimming. Even if it’s in a tiny little splash pool. Funny thing is that he doesn’t even completely sit down in it… he mostly stands up and splashes around. ┬áIt’s so cute to watch!

Funny story for you. Once, when it was Really Hot Outside, Nathan was playing in his little splash pool. The water he was splashing in looked positively tantalizing. I had on my bathing suit anyway (due to the heat) so I decided why not? I got into Nathan’s little splash pool with him.

Notice how I keep emphasizing the word “little.” This pool is only about two feet in diameter. So I got into the pool and sat down cross-legged. Unfortunately, once I did, I took up the majority of the room (in my defense, NO, my butt is not two feet wide… but sitting down with your legs crossed takes up some serious room!). Nathan, in all of his sweetness, looked down at me in his pool, saw there was very little room left for him to play in, and much to my chagrin then said “Uh oh!”

I won’t be doing that again any time soon.




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