More food dilemmas

Last night, I took a bite of Nathan’s dinner as I was making it for him. It was one of those microwavable meals made for toddlers. Much to my chagrin, it went down the wrong pipe and I started coughing.

“Naaaaaaaaaaasty!” said Nathan as I coughed loudly.

“Why’s that nasty?” I sputtered in between coughs.

“It yuck yuck!” he responded.

Needless to say, he did not eat his dinner that night. In fact, his refusal to eat was accompanied by indignant howls and back arching. ┬áIt took an hour just to get him to eat half of it. NO KIDDING. I guess that I won’t be making him that meal again any time soon. That, and I will try not to choke in front of him anymore. He’s never been particularly fond of those toddler meals, and I guess in his mind, me choking on it meant I didn’t like it either!


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