Back from a camping trip!

It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to post… we just got back from a camping trip! (I had only had time to schedule one post to go up while I was gone, which was the pictures of Andrew.) Nathan and I camped with Paul’s parents, grandmother, aunt, and a few cousins starting last Wednesday, Paul joined us Friday, and we returned home Saturday evening. We spent all day yesterday unpacking, cleaning, and then recuperating. Because although camping is a lot of fun, it’s also a lot of work… especially when a two-year-old is involved. I needed a vacation from my vacation!

Nathan totally loved the camping experience and was very well behaved. But don’t get me wrong, he was completely ecstatic to be home. In fact, when we pulled into the driveway, he started kicking his little legs in pure excitement… and he even opted to go straight inside (as opposed to playing outside for a few minutes) and made a beeline to his room to play with his toys. And now, I’m working on a bunch of pictures and hope to have them up in the next couple of days.


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