Ah, relief!

Well, I gotta say that today was much better than yesterday. Yesterday, let me tell you, all I could do was sit and watch Nathan wreak havoc upon the place. Why, you ask? Because sitting there and watching him being crazy is much better than throttling him!! See, normally he is such a good little fella. He’s ordinarily so loving and sweet and he minds exceptionally well. But every-so-often, usually when he’s about to hit another milestone, he’ll just randomly go bizerk. As in, he will become defiant, belligerent, obnoxious, and pretty much the exact opposite of his normal disposition.

I can empathize with parents who have thought about selling their children to the circus.

No that I would ever really sell him. But I can entertain the thought. Because he was acting exactly how someone who belongs in a circus would act.

I think he also needed to get out and socialize with other kids. We haven’t been to church in a few weeks because first Nathan was sick, then I was sick, then Paul and Nathan were sick, then I was sick again, then Paul and Nathan got sick again, then we went camping… so I wonder if he missed playing with his friends.

We went to church today for my bible study. One of the girls in the study invited us over to her house for lunch and a splash in the kiddie pool for the kids. Nathan LOVED splashing in the little pool (I’m SO going to have to set up our own kiddie pool for him to play in!) so I think that  also helped his mood today. He’s still acting a little crazy, but it’s nothing like it was yesterday. I can deal with days like today. I didn’t have this compulsive need to pull my hair out while rocking back and forth in a dark corner…


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