The sick germs are here…

Well we have had a very sick little boy on our hands. Yesterday evening was the worst. Little guy was breathing fast and had a fever of 103 along with lethargy and possible body aches (it’s hard to tell since he can’t talk, but he was rubbing his knees and joints as if they were hurting.) We packed up his diaper bag and were about to take him to the hospital when he perked up a little bit (the medicine we gave him kicked in) and he started acting more normal. We took him outside and let him play where he ran around and chattered with his toys. Afterwards, he got a tepid bath, which brought the fever down some more. And of course, we were vigilant during the night because panting and breathing fast can wear a young child down really quickly, and they can go into respiratory distress in a very short time.

Fortunately, he is feeling much better today. He still has a fever, but he’s eating better and has some of his energy back. Please keep the little guy in your prayers… as you all know, it’s so hard to watch your child be in pain. He’s such a trooper, though. Throughout all this, and even when he was hurting so bad all he could do was lay in my lap and say “hurt… hurt,” he was still his sweet little self. He held my hand, gave me kisses, and told me he loved me. What a precious little boy he is.  We are truly blessed to have him.


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