Perhaps Nathan’s first movie theater experience?

Paul and I saw a preview for the new Cars 2 movie that is coming out soon. Nathan has never been to a movie theater before, so we were thinking it would a fun experience for him. To see if he would be interested in it, we paused the movie trailer we were watching and called Nathan into the living room so he could see it, too.

As soon as we pressed “Play” and the trailer started showing, Nathan was completely engrossed. His mouth hung open and the toy he was holding onto fell completely unnoticed onto the floor as he stood immobile and entranced in front of the TV.

Yeah, I think he’ll like that movie.



  1. Awe…I miss getting to watch all of those great kid movies!

    • I never thought I would like little kid movies, but they have certainly grown on me. Sometimes Paul and I will screen them before Nathan watches them, and I have to admit, it’s fun!!

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