The magic of playing

This is the conversation Nathan and I had as I was laying down with him for his nap.

Me: “I love you, Nathan.”

Nathan: “Why?”

Me: “Because you’re my son.”

Nathan: “Yaaaaaaaay!” *Claps hands happily*

Me: “My sweet boy!”

Nathan: “YES!”

Me: *kisses his forehead*

Nathan: “Pway?” (Play?)

Me: “No, Nathan.”

Nathan: “Nap!”

Me: “Yes. It’s nap time. Now go to sleep.”

Nathan: *lifts head* “Pway?”

Me: “No, Nathan. You can’t play until you wake up from your nap.”

Nathan: “Okay.”

And can you guess the very first word he said when he first woke up? “Pway.” In fact, that’s almost always the first word out of his mouth, even before he’s actually awake. He’ll be coming out of his sleep, have his eyes still closed, but he’ll say “pway!”

I tell you, this kid LIVES to play!


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