Dance, dance, dance

You know what Nathan did today?

Well, we were about to leave so I had him dressed in overalls. I needed to finish getting ready, so I put Blue’s Clues on the tv and went in the bathroom to finish up. After a couple minutes, I realized I couldn’t hear him running around (all us parents know that silence = something mischievous is going on!) so I peeked into the living room only to discover Nathan had somehow managed to take off his overalls and was DANCING ON THE COFFEE TABLE. As in, spinning around in circles, clapping his hands, and stomping his feet.

Like it wasn’t a big deal at all. (He’s never allowed to play on the coffee table, so he knew it was a big no-no.)

And the kicker? I took me over ten minutes to find his overalls. He had thrown them over the baby gate and into the laundry room, right next to the hamper…


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