Busy, but in a good way

Well, the past couple days have been busy! Yesterday my mom, Nathan, and I all went shopping… we hit a huge consignment sale and I’m not even kidding when I say we hit the jackpot and found a ton of super cute clothes for Nathan. So we were gone all day, and Nathan wasn’t able to take his nap until after five o’clock in the evening. Little guy was so tired that he fell right asleep instead of bickering with me for half an hour!

Wednesday was also really busy… We went to church Wednesday morning for bible study, and afterwards, we all decided to go out to eat together. When we left the restaurant, however, NathanĀ had a meltdown as I was trying to get him into his car seat. So I bribed him with the promise to take him to the park if he behaved and minded me.

So of course, he acted like a perfect little angel after I said that.

So he and I went to the park, and for the first time, he INITIATED climbing up the stairs to go down the slide! (I usually have to talk him into it.) Nathan and I had blast going down all the slides together, and I have to tell you thatĀ  my heart does a special little pitter-patter when he gleefully says “Wheeeeeeeee!” as we zoom down together. There is nothing more special than seeing and hearing your kid having fun.

I couldn’t take Nathan to church with me Wednesday evening because he had a late nap and was still sleeping when I left, but church was great. Sunday is Palm Sunday (for those of you who may not be familiar with Christianity, it is the Sunday before Easter, the day that Jesus made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem) so Wednesday evening, we made Palm Crosses. It was my first time with the whole experience of making Palm Crosses (because up until I joined my church, an Episcopal church, I had only attended southern Baptist churches that never participated in such events).

It was enlightening and a ton of fun making those Palm Crosses. I am totally looking forward to the Blessing of the Palms on Palm Sunday and our Easter Service!!!

So anyway, it’s been a busy couple of days. Today, I took Nathan to the park and now it’s past his nap time, so this mama is off to take the little man to bed.


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