The big stink

Wow, yesterday was one crazy day.

So. Our septic tank got clogged. As in COMPLETELY CLOGGED. As in, we could not use the bathroom, sinks, tub, or wash clothes until we could fix it. My poor husband and his grandfather worked all day long trying to figure out what was causing the problem and how to resolve it. Finally, when all their efforts didn’t work, they dug down to the septic tank and called the septic people (is that what they’re called?) to come pump the darn thing out.

It worked!! THANKFULLY! Although let me tell you, the smell from the sewage getting pumped IS QUITE UNPLEASANT. Kudos to anyone who works in the sewage industry because I sure could not do it!

So now we can use water, flush the toilet, wash clothes, and TAKE A SHOWER. Oh the things we take for granted until we don’t have them anymore, huh? Indoor plumbing is one of those things.

In other news, Nathan had a great day yesterday. I had bible study with a small group of other moms at my church. For those of you who do bible studies, have you ever done anything with Beth Moore? Because let me tell you. THAT WOMAN IS AWESOME. I have never learned so much, felt so enlightened, and experienced such a level of understanding. So after bible study, we all grabbed some fast food (in which I got Nathan all-white meat chicken tenders, fruit, and milk – THANK YOU Michelle Obama and all the advocates like her for raising the bar when it comes to our children’s nutrition!) and met in a nearby park.

Unfortunately, my little guy still just doesn’t understand, however, that YOU CAN’T WALK IN FRONT OF KIDS SWINGING ON THE SWINGS. As we all know, it’s dangerous; he could get hurt pretty badly. Well, Nathan kept walking in front of kids swinging. He wanted to play with them so badly… he would run towards them saying “Sweeeee! Sweeeee!” (Swing! Swing!) and each time, I had to grab him to keep him from getting hit. I put him in time-out a couple times, but it didn’t work… he’s simply just not old enough to understand the dangers of what he was doing just yet.

But other than that, it was great. Nathan loves playing with other kids. His whole face just lights up and he’ll follow the bigger kids around, trying to get them to play with him. Oh how I love that little boy.

So I hope you all had a great weekend! I don’t know about you, but we’ve had some lovely weather the past few days. Spring is here, and we are totally loving it!



  1. Oh no for the stink with the septic tank! Everyone I know loves Beth Moore studies, except me! I like the books…easy and straight forward, but I just can’t get past her on the videos…crazy I know…an hour each week is just too long to listen to her! but the substance of her studies IS great! Glad you’re enjoying your study.

    • LOL!!! Yes, she is very hard to get used to with her dramatics and bouncing hair… but like you said, the substance in her studies is amazing! Yes, I’m totally loving the study. Her personality definitely helps me remember what she talks about!

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