Prayers for Japan

My heart aches for those who are dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Japan. I just can’t imagine the pain they are going through. One minute, everything was fine. The next minute, many people lost everything. Their houses, their cars, their family members. Now they are poking through the remnants of their former lives, not only searching for anything salvageable, but searching for the bodies of their loved ones as well. I hope and pray that they have peace. I pray they have the strength to get through these next few days and weeks. Japan is just so modern, so strong, so… prepared. To see such a strong nation brought to its knees like this is gut wrenching. But I know that they will pull themselves out of the mire and rebuild, becoming a strong and great nation once again. Until then, however, they will be at the forefront of my thoughts and prayers.



  1. Prayers for Japan are even more needed now that all the news regarding the nuclear power plants are not getting better. I just cannot imagine them having to go thru the horror again after Hiroshima, kwim?…

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