I guess you just can’t fix stupid

Have you guys heard about people now snorting bath salts to get high? Yes, you read that correctly. BATH SALTS. Apparently, this is a trend that is gaining traction here in the South, and from what I understand, its use is spreading across America. So as I’m reading about people snorting or injecting bath salts, I’m sitting here thinking Who in the hell discovered that bath salts can get you high? I mean, do these people sit around all day randomly crushing and snorting whatever is laying around to see what the effects are? Because I don’t understand who in their right mind would possibly look at a container of bath salts and say Hey! Here is my next high! Lets snort this shit and see what happens!

Not only that, but do people not read the news? Why oh WHY would you take anything that makes people hallucinate to the point that they slash their own throats?  How are people so stupid? Okay, okay. Maybe I do understand what makes them so stupid. From what I’ve heard, many of these people moved from meth to bath salts. And we all know that meth-heads aren’t exactly the brightest stars in the sky for obvious reasons. (Did you guys see my post with the link to mugshots of people before and after they started using drugs, presumably meth?)

I would say to just let these dumbasses snort their bath salts and kill themselves so that evolution will eventually phase out this kind of stupid (survival of the fittest), but these folks inevitably end up taking an innocent person with them or talking our naive and impressionable children and teens into doing these highly toxic and dangerous drugs, therefore letting nature take control won’t suffice. Too many innocent people will be dragged down into the mire.

It’s just plain sad that so many people don’t seem to to have any sense about them.

Bath salts. Who would have thought? What’s next… kitty litter?



  1. You have got to be kidding! Is there nothing people won’t try for a high?!

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