What a weekend!

So this weekend was crazy busy for us. Nathan stayed with Paul’s parents on Friday night so Paul and I could celebrate an early Valentine’s Day (which, by the way, was our usual gluttonous dinner at a great Italian Restaurant and then we played some pool). Nathan was teething pretty bad, though. He was drooling like a faucet and chewing on both of his little hands, leaving angry bite marks on his skin showing how intense his agony was. But then, when I met Paul’s mom for lunch, Nathan perked up and seemed to do better. We got to her house, and he acted perfectly happy and fine. But then? Then I had the utter audacity TO LEAVE. And Nathan let his grandma know in no uncertain terms that he was VERY unhappy about it. He was so unhappy about it, in fact, that he literally cried the entire evening and continuously went to the door looking for me. He refused to let her love on him and wouldn’t even eat his dinner! Finally, it was time for him to go to bed. And when he woke up the next day, he was remained somber and cheerless until Paul showed up to get him.

I understand why Nathan acted that way- he was hurting. His back molars are coming in and he just doesn’t feel well. And he just wanted Mama there to fix it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t just go back and get him (we were in the middle of dinner when we got the news, plus we didn’t want to set a precedent encouraging Nathan to throw tantrums and cry until Mom and Dad finally show up to get him.) Needless to say, he was quite happy to be back home although he remained fussy the entire weekend.

 And then? To top it off, he’s sick today. He woke up with a runny/stuffy nose, cough, and congestion. A lady at my Monday bible study texted me and told me that she and another mom who attends the study wouldn’t be able to make it because they’re kids are sick, too… with the same symptoms Nathan has. I’m just glad they don’t take their kids to church sick, unlike SOME PEOPLE. I hate that. It’s so rude to take your sick kid to church, spreading their Sick Germs to other unsuspecting children and parents just so YOU can have a break. It’s selfish. Because your sick kid gets my kid sick, and then I get sick, and then Paul gets sick. And then I feel like hunting down the parent whose kid got mine sick and coughing my germ-filled mucus all over his or her face. I know, that’s not nice for me to say, but I am not a happy camper when I get sick. I mean, I go out of my way to keep Nathan healthy. I always sanitize the table, high chair, etc. when we go out to eat. I use one of those shopping cart covers when I go shopping. I wash my hands constantly after I’ve been in public. So the only place he’s in contact with sick germs is, of all places, church. Now, I totally understand that someone can be contagious before they show symptoms, and I don’t fault them because they don’t know. I’m referring to people who take their ACTIVELY sick kid to church. It just ruffles my feathers in such a way that I get all burning and itchy inside.

Sooooo, on top of ALL THAT, I also did something to my hand. I accidentally flung it against my car door when I was trying to get out and at first I thought I broke it. I couldn’t make a fist or move my middle finger the whole weekend. It’s feeling better today, just mostly stiff and I can’t exert any pressure with it. And oh, it’s incredibly painful to change Nathan’s poopie diapers because Nathan doesn’t like his diapers to be changed and he fights it, so it really puts a strain on my hand.

So anyway, enough of my moaning and groaning. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, my invisible interwebz friends! Hope you all have a great day and don’t eat too much chocolate. Oh wait, what am I saying?? INDULGE!


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