Mr. Stubborn. Seriously stubborn.

“Nathan, look at my eyes,” I say as I go get Nathan out of Time Out. I need to explain to him why he was in time out, but in order to do that, I need to engage him by having him make eye contact with me. Otherwise, I can’t be sure that he’s actually hearing me.

“No… okay?” Nathan replies as he turns his head to the side. He furrows his eyebrows.

“Nathan, I need you to look at my eyes please,” I say. But instead of looking at my eyes, Nathan squeezes his own eyes tightly shut and shrieks at me. “Nathan, when you look at my eyes, you won’t be in trouble anymore.”

“Okay,” he says, still keeping his eyes squeezed shut.

“Look at my eyes, Nathan,” I repeat. “You’re not getting out of Time Out until you look at my eyes.” Finally, Nathan raises his eyes to mine, moving his eyes so slowly that they seemed carrying a thousand pounds of weight behind them. But Nathan, being the Stubborn One that he is, will not succumb to rules, no siree. He won’t have anyone tell him what to do. So, what does Nathan do? Well, Nathan tries to trick me. By PRETENDING TO LOOK AT MY EYES. Instead of making eye contact, he looks at that space in between my eyes, on my nose.

I’ve totally got my hands full with this kid, don’t I?



  1. He is smart, isn’t he?!

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