Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do!

Well, Nathan has started doing something new!! SINGING! Well, he’s no pro (yet) but he’s really working on it. See, he’s always liked when I sang to him, but just a couple days ago as I was singing that song “Doe, a deer… a female deer…. Ray, a drop of golden sun…” He just started belting out some tunes along with me! Especially on the notes that are held for a few beats, he really likes to join in on those. It’s so precious to watch and hear. His whole face lights up with a huge smile on his face. Oh! He also loves to sing his ABC’s with me… and I do the signs for them as I sing, and his favorite sign is the letter “Z.” And here’s the best part. Every time I sing his ABC’s, he DANCES. That’s right, he kicks his little feet and moves his little arms as he turns around in circles. Other favorite songs include our National Anthem, America the Beautiful, and My Country Tis of Thee (Yes, I am patriotic… my dad, both grandfathers, and many other family members have served in the military.) That kid loves music, and I love that he loves it!


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