Well. Paul and I are both sick now.  Paul’s not as sick as I am, and let me tell you, I feel miserable! Sore throat, stuffy nose, congestion, all that stuff. And the sad part is that even as miserable as I feel, I’m not nearly as sick as Nathan was. That kid is a real trooper, let me tell ya.

And in other news? Nathan loves saying “no” to everything. And he doesn’t just say “no,” he says “no… okay?”

For instance, today I asked him if he wanted some milk.

“No… okay?” he replied.

“Okay,” I said. “You want some juice?”

“No… okay?”

“Okay, Nathan. I love you.”



“No… okay?”

“Yes… okay?” I said.

“Okay,”  Nathan said as he gave me a hug. I love that kid. Even if he is a bit cryptic.



  1. Takes a lot of guess work!

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