I have a little shadow…

Nathan is in the “helping” stage. He likes to help me with everything… from carrying his highchair to cleaning to even helping me walk. Because apparently, I am not capable of walking on my own- I must have a Nathan attached to my leg at all times. Sometimes, though, his “helping” is more of a hindrance than a help, but I don’t mind. I let him help to his little heart’s content, even if it means double the work for me. I think it teaches him how to be cognizant of other people’s needs, and besides, I don’t want my son to grow up depending on me to do everything for him!

Nathan is my little shadow. He follows me around everywhere I go, eager to touch me, help me, and patiently waiting for me to hug him (which I do often!). I wouldn’t trade it for the world, though. Even when I feel myself getting a bit irritated because he sometimes gets in the way, I still enjoy having a little shadow attached to me because I know this stage won’t last long. He won’t be my little shadow forever. I enjoy it while I can and take nothing for granted.



  1. We can all use an extra set of legs even if they’re short, huh?! How cute.

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