Cats, cats, cats. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

I love my cats, but they are driving me CRAZY. Two of them, Meeper and Andrew, have started this annoying moew-fest late at night. As in, two or three o’clock in the morning. Their howling wakes me up and makes me so mad I could practically dive-bomb through the wall. But alas, I am lazy, so the best I can do when I am that tired is hiss a lethargic “Quiet, cats!” at them. They’ll usually stop for a few minutes and then the ruckus starts all over again. And, to top it off, Andrew (who is my baby) is having serious behavioral problems. I don’t know if he’s acting out because he wants more attention or what, but he keeps pooping in the floor. Fortunately, so far it’s only been in front of the litter boxes on the tile, so it’s not too bad to clean up. But still. Who wants to clean up cat poop?? NOT ME. I’m so fed up. It’s completely ridiculous and I am at my wit’s end… nothing I do helps. I try to dote on him, and he still poops on the floor. I’ve also tried taking him to his Poop Pile and flicking his ear, telling him “No! Bad!” and that doesn’t work either. I love my cats, especially Andrew, but I DO NOT love cleaning up his poop. So this behavior has to change, and it has to change NOW.

Neither cat used to meow late at night before our cat Turbo passed away in September, so I wonder if they are missing him. And prior to Turbo’s passing, Andrew had never pooped outside the litter box. He started after Turbo died, but we thought it was because we bought new litter boxes. Since then, his pooping problem has been sporadic, and it seemed like he only did it when he wanted attention. But for the past few days, it’s been DAILY. And now I want to pull my hair out.

ARG! (Yes, I just emitted pirate-speak. Which is what happens when you have cleaned up one too many piles of poop!)



  1. I wonder if it’s a grieving process after losing Turbo.

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