So did I ever tell you how much I hate being sick?

Nathan and I sound like we are in a musical band. Only without music. And add coughs. Yeah, that’s right, we are BOTH sick… AGAIN! Last weekend, I had a nasty stomach bug (which Nathan caught but thankfully, he didn’t have the vomiting that I did) and this weekend, we both have a pretty mean head cold. Stopped-up ears, coughs, sneezing, hoarseness, loss of appetite, all that.

What’s really irritating is that it has been YEARS since I have been sick. And when WHAM! I’ve been sick three times in the past month or so. I think┬ámy sicknesses came not only from Nathan picking up illnesses from other kids (NO THANKS to all the parents out there who take their seriously sick kids out in public… I mean, hello? Don’t those people know that you are SUPER contagious when you’re in the beginning stages of your sickness?), but also the gym I’ve joined. I notice every time I go, someone there is coughing or wiping their noses.

Geez, people. Just, geez. Have some conscientiousness, would ya? Because I do NOT like catching your colds!


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