It’s no wonder I gain weight during the holiday season

What a weekend!

First, Paul and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary this weekend. It was great! We had such a fantastic time… Nice dinner, playing pool, and just spending time together. Nathan was able to spend the night with Paul’s mom, so that was wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, Nathan is a great little guy (I seriously couldn’t ask for better) but every so often, I am desperate for some peace-and-quiet.

In fact, I enjoyed myself so much this weekend that it’s no surprise that I gained a few pounds.

And Paul’s birthday is coming up! So I’ve been doing lots of Christmas shopping, birthday shopping, present wrapping, chocolate eating, money spending, card writing for the past few days. And let me tell you, dealing with the general public this time of year is draining. Why can’t people just be NICE? I mean, it’s Christmas, after all. Will it kill them to reciprocate a smile when I smile at them? Or not cut me off in traffic?

Good thing Santa really isn’t real or else what about 90% of the population around where I live would be getting lumps of coal for Christmas

Better yet, I’ll take all those lumps of coal  myself and deliver them personally and individually, right at their heads. And then I’ll take those bloody lumps of coal back home and keep them as souvenirs. That way the next time someone is rude to me, I can get a secret feeling of evil satisfaction knowing that the last person who was rude to me got a lump of coal thrown at their head.

I’m totally kidding.

Ok not really. Well actually, yes I am kidding. Sorta. Mostly. I mean, I would never actually harm someone, ever, but sometimes it feels great to pretend like I am capable.


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