A little applause goes a long way

Nathan has got to be the most adorable lil guy I’ve ever known. I’ve successfully taught him how to clean up after himself (with some prompting, of course) and the funny thing is that after every item he puts away, he gives himself a round of applause. And it doesn’t end there… he also gives himself a round of applause after he hands me something that I ask for. Or when I’m done brushing his teeth. Or when he eats all of his peas.

Oh how I love this age! (Minus the Terrible Two’s temper tantrums, of course!)

Yesterday, Nathan was a little angel and took great pride in helping me around the house. His biggest achievement? While I was carrying his high chair back into the kitchen, he “helped” me by putting his hands on the high chair and helping me guide it into its spot.  After which, of course, he gave himself a hearty round of applause. He does things that are so freaking cute that they totally make up for any embarrassing public tantrums!



  1. Nothing like a pat on the back or applause even if you have to do it yourself!

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